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Jósvafő műemléki védett Ófaluja télen Kert| Zuzmó Vendégház Jósvafő | Szállás Aggeleki Nemzeti Park

Jósvafő old town

In the centre of Josvafo you will find a charming regional museum and a medieval reformed church with coffered ceiling.


150 m

Kiváncsiskodó hucul pónik Kert| Zuzmó Vendégház Jósvafő | Szállás Aggeleki Nemzeti Park

Kúria Stables

Here you can arrange horse and carriage tours or horse riding lessons with the 'Hucul', an ancient hardy breed of pony.


350 m

Tengerszem-tó Kert| Zuzmó Vendégház Jósvafő | Szállás Aggeleki Nemzeti Park

Tengerszem Lake

A few minutes walk from the guesthouse you will find the beautiful turquoise Tengerszem lake. Fed from an underground river, the lake is a haven for a diverse range of wildlife.


400 m

Izgalmas gasztronómiai programok a jósvafői Nyitott Színben

Gastronomy evenings

Traditional Hungarian gastronomy and music evenings are offered in an open air setting for groups of up to 10 people.


200 m

Baradla-barlang, jósvafői rövidtúra Kert| Zuzmó Vendégház Jósvafő | Szállás Aggeleki Nemzeti Park

Caves of Aggtelek

Explore some of the breathtaking natural geological formations in the Baradla-Domica cave system which is over 25km in length. Frequent daily tours are available just a short walk from the guesthouse.


700 m

A világ legnagyobb könyve a szomszédos S

Worlds biggest book

Located in the neighbouring village of Szinpetri, the worlds largest book is housed in a restored 15th Century Mill and is open to visitors.


6 km



Trizs regional museum

Szádvár Kert| Zuzmó Vendégház Jósvafő | Szállás Aggeleki Nemzeti Park

Szádvár castle

MAgart forras ANP.jpg

MagtArt Bódvaszilas

Opening soon in the nearby village of Trizs; an interactive regional museum, a 'fairytale forest' trail and a barefoot 'mindfulness' walking trail.


12 km

Perched over 400m high on a hilltop, the medieval fortress of Szadvar is being slowly restored. It can be visited year round and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.


14 km

This art exhibition in an old granary features nature themed works of art.


17 km

Rakacai víztározó Kert| Zuzmó Vendégház Jósvafő | Szállás Aggeleki Nemzeti Park

Rakaca Lake

Known for its high water quality, angling and swimming in the summer months can be enjoyed here.


21 km

Bódvalenkei freskófalu Forrás: Turizmus_Online

Bódvalenke frescoes

33 beautiful murals created by local Roma artists can be seen in this small village.


23 km

Martonyi Forras Szendroi Termeszetjaro.j

Martonyi Monastery

This Gothic monastery is one of the most intact Pauline buildings in the country.


24 km

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