Canine Guests

As a dog friendly guesthouse, we are very happy to welcome well behaved clean dogs of any size.


What we can offer to our canine guests;

  • Exclusive use of the 1300 meter securely fenced garden

  • Use of downstairs communal areas within the house

  • Endless hiking and swimming opportunities within the national park

  • Food and water bowls


The dog owner is responsible for providing dog food and bedding for their dog.


We have a few rules for our dog guests;

  • Please clean up after your dog

  • Dogs are not allowed on the first floor or in the downstairs bedroom

  • Dogs are not allowed on the sofas in the lounge

  • The dog owner will be liable for any damage caused by the dog

  • Please read the relevant section of our policy for more detailed rules before booking


Service charges for dogs are as follows;


2000ft per dog per night


1000ft per dog per night for returning guests



We look forward to welcoming your dog soon!

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